Maniac Mineral

Maniac Mineral is a special combination of over 60 Natural Minerals in a formula that is ready to be utilized by the animals. Maniac Outdoors enhanced Maniac Mineral by adding 5 great flavors developed primarily to attract deer. Maniac Mineral is a way to improve the health of your deer and can also be utilized as a scent attractant.The conditioner in Maniac Mineral makes is unique from all other mineral manufacturers.  The conditioner allows animals to utilize the mineral and nutrients in the feed immediately upon consumption.  Most minerals currently available in today’s market contain only trace minerals.  When a ruminant processes trace minerals, most of the minerals are not absorbed right away and leave the body before doing so.  Our minerals are absorbed faster and more efficiently with the aid of a conditioner.  The results are better antler growth, better milk production, better body weight, and better fawn production.  Bottom line, the money you invest into Maniac Mineral is not left on the ground.  

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